A poem “The Facebook Sonnet” by Sherman Alexie begins like this:

Welcome to the endless high-school
Reunion. Welcome to past friends….
and lovers, however kind or cruel.
Let’s undervalue and unmend
The present.

The poem continues and ends with the idea that the poet sees Facebook as “the altar of loneliness.” Well, for those of us who prefer to drink our coffee hot and immediately savour the cup in the present rather than reheat leftover coffee , we agree. Coffee should always be hot and fresh and not rehashed kind of like news. However for a small business facebook is a godsent. We regularly hope that our fans follow us and if so inclined do more than press the “like” button. We need them to visit to survive!
For the longest time, we have been at 499 likes. Well, it began creeping up once we hit the 402 button. So slowly almost as if it were being activated by the Facebook admin crew. I kept wondering “are they waiting for us to offer a special deal when we hit 500 likes?” I discussed it with my husband and not being a big facebooker he stated, “no.” No special deal.

I think this is where we are supposed to laugh over the absurdity of it all but we do appreciate our followers. We also like the customers who come in and I particularly enjoyed my conversation with one about facebook stats going down, etc. She said to me, “I don’t watch the news because it is so depressing and I don’t like facebook. I don’t want people to be that into my life.” Then she said something like this: “Oh, believe your fans know you are here. Facebook isn’t going to make a difference to them. ”

So, this is where I repeat some of us like our coffee hot and present in the morning. But we certainly appreciate the publicity that facebook brings us. However news, good news especially is always best to hear in person. Let someone else pass it on for you.