I was just thinking in  between creaming the butter with confectioner’s sugar, adding pomegranate to the cream for the fox’s delight that it is easy to be a teacher or a baker or the candyman for a day.  What takes courage but mostly consistency and routine is to do it over and over again, even when you don’t feel like.

We have had hundreds of comments on facebook from people which included under “looks good” for a cupcake, keep it up…and even a taunt from a customer….can you keep it up? Hmm.  People want you to succeed and then they don’t because if you do, it might make them look bad but on the other hand, if they like your product, they want to buy and see more of it.  It is llike another storefront owner who gets mad when you have a good day and let them know…or a teacher being jealous of a sub who forges a good realtionship in one day.  Well, to tell the truth, the trick is keeping it up.

As an instructor, sometimes I am coerced into doing things which make me uncomfortable but I comply sometimes.  Like the day, a very good student asked me to check her final and I did.  She aced it! She promptly took out her phone and asked me if I would tell her mom what she just did and I did happy to share in her happiness.  It was a long distance phonecall and I was surprised but I complied.  She also just shot the bell curve some of the other students expected when they told me during the test, this test is very difficult.  Not if you studied the prep sheet I made up for them and kept up with the readings.

So , I am walking to the store today tired and what keeps me going is the promise of a strong cup of Columbian coffee in our store along with a biscotti dipped in it.  Then I will put dishes away, measure ingredients, bake, bake, bake.  There will not a “player has got to play”” This worker will get to work, work, work.  Someone calls.  Are you hiring? No.  For any position.  I would love a dishwasher but it is not happening anytime soon.  Back to making the fox’s delight.