Living in Temple Terrace, we had the opportunity to meet Peter Palmer.  Remember him from “Li’l Abner”.   Peter moved away but for many years, he called Temple Terrace his home.  The other day, I found some notes from an interview I did with him.  The notes were given to a Tampa Tribune writer for an article.  I thought I would share some of his answers.

Peter has sung for five Presidents of the United States.  He has co-starred in eight films and over a hundred television shows including “M.A.S.H, Dallas, “Three’s Company”, etc.  He also sang in the choir at Temple Terrace Community Church for many years.

“My first Broadway show was “Pippin” with Ben Vereen.”

“I have 5 children.  One lives in Jersey, a builder.  One is in Real Estate in Naples, one is a counselor and one is plumber married to a plumber and one raises sod on land in Florida.  I call him the sod father.”

On the show American Idol:  We watch it.  Not when they put those terrible singers in.  Everybody thinks they have talent and they don’t.

Susan Boyle:  “Well, she had talent.  She had been singing and was ready.  I am talking about those people who come out in a bikini.”

“New York is where the reality is.  If you don’t cut the mustard, word gets around.  You do an audition and then everyone sits around talking….hearing the stories….of competing against other actors in New York for parts.”

A final note:  “You never know what someone is going to say….I do concerts and sing at church.  You don’t think about the naysayers.  You listen to your wife and the few you count on for critique.  You don’t want them around.  If they can’t do it, you can’t do that. You’re the best, Agnes De Mille told me.  No one can touch that. “