Someone just asked me if we imported our cupcakes because she didn’t smell them baking next door   Hmm.  Well, lets see you have to get up early as we finish baking before 9 or earlier.  I wish we did have a business that we could import and then I would use the extra time putting on my make up, curling my hair and enjoying a cup of coffee.  A nice leisurely walk outside would be lovely also but not the case with gourmet cupcakes. Hmm, I might even have time for lesson planning or maybe Mike could play a small round of golf inside our 700 square foot store.

Everything is done by hand so we can’t just flip a switch and go.  We are not robotic or automated like that.  We do the dishes, the decorating, the baking, and the shopping.  Yes, maám.  So place your order the day before because you have to be early to get our worm for the day.