The opening of the first Two Broke Girls featured a visit from Kim Kardashian. It brought a smile to my face as I watched. Sure, Michael and I are very familiar with excitement when we sell out, or when we fill a big order or a surprise visit from a celebrity like Lisa Unger, or one of the Nascar Drivers who came to visit us. We haven’t been visited by Kardashian but I began to think about us in a movie and who I would love to see acting as us.

I think it would be Michele Pfieffer for myself and Nicolas Cage as my co-actor. I would love to see our neigbors down the way visiting us as Rosanne(remember the very outspoken and funny show), and other assorted neighbors who might be fun to have would be some of the cast from Big Bang Theory (think Sheldon, Penny, Amy Farrah Fowler, and Bernadette seems like a fun friend to have). We might be visited by Ramsey,Emril, the French chef of the baking school on Two Broke Girls, and the late Julia Child.

That would be fun and you can fill in the cast with the characters you want or not. That is part of the pleasure of being an armchair writer. You imagine the best and fill in the rest.