We are a small mom and pop with two employees: husband and wife, Michael and Eve. We hold down other jobs in addition to our store. So, if a customer cancels or reneges on an order and we have gone out of our way for the business, it is a big deal to us! Recently, this almost happened to us. We didn’t have the correct containers so Michael had to order (at a higher expense)…since the order was given at the last minute and make a trip to South Tampa for the containers. We closed down our store for the order which was given to us at the last minute. We were very eager to do business with this corporation. Michael send numerous email communications and tried several phone calls to contact the Chef after he send us a written email of the order he wanted. We scurried but we were at our store 4 a.m. baking only to be told after numerous phone calls to the front desk, the chef believed we had cancelled the order. This was after 8 phone calls and after we had completely finished wrapping up the order.
Now, I went through the Cupcake Cache emails and the phones messages. Michael was on target and I never doubted him. When I am not in the store, and he takes care of the business side, I trust him as he does me. I found the scenario very disturbing. Because losing business is a big thing to a mom and pop. Initially, they were not going to pay us but my husband got on the phone and was very blunt, and direct about what happened. We did our best to deliver the product and we were ready as asked by 10:30 am, with the 150 cupcakes wrapped and ready to be picked up.
They decided after speaking with Michael that they would accept the order if we delivered them on site and so we did. As Michael was parking the car, the General Manger, decided to put me in my place by not approaching my husband who he spoke to but by speaking with me about the way the situation was handled and how that was not done in business. I gathered he meant the phone call between my husband and himself which I listened to. I found it very ironic because I knew the fault lay not with us and I don’t care for a man who approaches the woman first to complain. I let it go, smiled, and told him, “We are a small mom and pop.” I gave him the Irish farewell: “May God be with you” which to me means, I have no freaking idea how you thought we screwed up. Find the person who did and if you do, may God be with them (because they probably mess others up also) I thought of stating “In shallah” from my Abu Dhabi days but I thought nah, move on. Live and learn. I wheeled the order to the banquet room and we left. Small mishaps cause big disturbances to small enterprises.