There was recently a small business start up award given by Tampa Bay to a gun range. While reading it, I thought “hmm…sounds sexier than cupcakes.” It is so often the perception of the viewer as each experience is so personal. Some may see this and read, “Hmm…I grew up in the South and learned to shot with my older brothers at tin cans.” Others may read, “What….is going on….cupcakes are sexier…haven’t they watched “Sex in the City?” While someone else may see….”Oh, a sweet surprise at the end of a day beats a gun range anyday.”
Anyway, congratulations to them. We wish them the best. Carry on! Which can I identify with? Well, I grew up in the Northeast and my brothers taught me to shoot at tin cans and my mom showed me how to bake. Years later, I terrorized my drill instructor with my aim. I feel more at home in a kitchen although I do make a mess! But it is a creative endeavor! Which do I prefer? Not sure, each has its place. But I do think a small start up cupcake place is still a great idea! We are still hoping for that day in the month when many others will have this epiphany and our business will “burst out” at the seams!