In the last blog, I didn’t  want to sound mean spirited about donations.  It is nice to feel good about giving.  I was a guardian ad litem for 5 years and learned many things.  Sometimes too much.  My husband and I have given backpacks, cupcake donations, etc.  We hope they go to bigger corporate office also.  We often struggle with time and priorities as it is just the two of us.

And of course, there are always the advertising people trying to entice us to buy more advertising.  We just don’t have the budget, but maybe one day we will.  In the meantime, never mistake the salesmen or women for being your friend.  They want to make that sale and that becomes exhausting so you see there is really more to running a cupcake place than baking and decorating.  They call and call and over ride your voice on the phone as if they are at an auction bidding for a favorite item.

Whew, sometimes reading a book is just easier but you do learn a lot and people come to you.