I was reading a funny cartoon lately which went like this, “I don’t know if I’m a vegan or vegetarian? The other replies, “A vegan is a vegetarian who can’t spell.” Ha ha. That is the way I think of it. I love eating my vegetables, soy etc., but I also love cupcakes, sweets, coffee, etc. And I am not backing down.
I figure as I am correcting papers and I have to identify dangling modifiers, misplaced modifiers, commas needed, misspellings, etc. I don’t want to have to identify types of food which I can eat. There is not enough time in my world to separate egg yolks, protein, etc. As long as I am aware of which is decaffeinated (which I do not want) and which is the chicory, or maybe not. Just give me a strong cup of Joe, and I am good to go.
Oh, and a gourmet cupcakes after dinner or with breakfast wouldn’t hurt either! At Cupcake Cache, we are more likely to get reformed vegan, vegetarians, choco-holics than everyone else. It is not often a vegetarian or vegan wanders in to a vegan restaurant asking for stuffed caramel filled cupcakes with rich butter cream icing. I am not even sure choco-holics is a word, but if you school me, it would be ok. Or if you wish to dispute today’s blog, come see me.