A little diversion from cupcakes, maybe, but today’s topic does have to do with business, and it is something that I do not understand, and, to be honest, find to be a total waste of cranial capacity. 

Can anyone explain the benefits of an exit interview? And if it has a benefit, for whom?  Once a person has turned in their two-week notice (usually it is a two minute notice), they have already decided to LEAVE your business. Who cares why? Certainly not the employee. They are leaving for thier own good reason(s), and usually it is a result of something that your business has done wrong, otherwise they would be staying (be it not enough money, enough time for a private life, demands beyond job descriptions, an asshole boss, or whatever). No doubt whatever it was, they have discussed it before and been ignored, so what makes them think HR will listen now? Is the business going to change the way they operate one iota based on an exit interview? Hell no. This interview is nothing more than an opportunity for the departing to screw up any hope of getting a good recommendation in the future.

Now, does anyone think the employee cares what HR has to say. Here, I will make it a T/F question.True of False, does the employee give one rat’s ass what some uneducated, beanhead, no empowerment individual in HR has to say as they leave their ass print on the exit door?

If asked to schedule an exit interview, I comply, and then I simply walk out the door at the scheduled time. How about that for an exit interview? Sweet and to the point.