It has been almost a week since my last blog. We have been very busy since the Tampa Tribune article was published about us. We had more new orders and more new visitors coming in specifically for us! And I am getting ready for my new semester at Saint Leo rereading some of the short stories, and deciding the direction to take with my classes. I was asked to be a blogger for an education site in Abu Dhabi. I will tell you more about this when the details are firmed up.

I was amazed that they asked me! And honored. I told them that I was no longer in the Middle East but they are still interested. I subscribed to their facebook site while in Abu Dhabi and they followed me, also and then followed the Cupcake Cache Blog which they liked and so on. I am excited about this! Digging through memories of my time overseas and writing about working with some of the foreign students (Saudi) who are now taking Writing classes with me will be rewarding.

Timing is everything, and this includes baking You need to have your wits about you in the morning when measuring oil, water, etc. But sometimes the timing just comes together and things happen consequently without any prodding. This is how I feel about being offered the opportunity to blog for education site. The timing was right, just like with our store, the timing was right. We are still reaping the rewards of the interview. Thank you. The timing was excellent!