Sometimes we have what Mike calls bottom feeder days in which we offer the bottom shelf at $2 a cupcake or as we did today, we say, “Buy 2 and get 1 free.” Today we have an appointment, so we are closing early so try to take advantage of this before 2:45 today.  

Tomorrow, we will be making minis and the lineup looks good.  Cookies & Cream, chocolate revisited, peanut butter cup and orange dreamsickle….for $12.  The price of the gourmet went up to $3.50 so a dozen sell for $35.  The cost of a dozen pta is $20.  The price of butter, sugar went up and this is the first time we raised our price in almost 3 years.  We hear that local restaurants nearby charges go up yearly, so we feel we are very fair.  

Anyway, hope to see everyone today and if not, there is always tomorrow.