Last week, right after we closed Saturday night, a man called us and asked if we baked for a large number of people. I was thinking 100, 200 cupcakes. Well, it turned out he wanted 600 gourmet cupcakes and he needed them by Monday. Impossible for us to do with a 1 day notice. There are only 2 of us and we could see making 200 by then but 600! Give us at least a week or more notice and we will work out your order. The bigger orders will be paid in full, just in case….we wondered if we were a long line of cupcakeries he was calling because he sounded a little desperate. At that point, it may have been a better idea to split the order between two cupcake places or three to have the order in by Monday morning. We are more flexible than most cupcakeries and will work to specifics by the customers, but even we have our limits. That would have wiped out most of our groceries and we don’t mind as long as we are given notice.