We have been watching “Orange is the new black.” Or more often, I watch 2 shows and Mike listens from the computer while he plays cards. I really look forward to the show. When the theme music from Regina Spektor, Russian singer, comes on, we repeat bars from the music and sing with them. It is very relaxing…kind of like the “Big Bang Theory” for Mike.
I guess part of what really makes it so popular is the in-depth character portrayal by the show. One feels that the characters could be your friends or yourself because one can identify with them. Not totally but many of the actions behind their crimes are slips along the way. My favorite character and one I identify with is the driver of the van. I identify with her desire to always have her make up on and look good. Growing up with a mother who was a fashion stylist, I can identify. In the mornings, before baking, I like to have a touch of make up on. Sometimes, I think about my style. It was the style I grew up in and then there is Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” and many of us can identify with her inability to fit in with growing up in the suburbs. Some of us may identify with Piper and remember crazy things we did in our 20s thinking we were invincible or special. Some secrets we hold dear to yourself. So the show holds dear for us. There are some uncomfortable moments but it forces one to accept and think about their attitudes toward many issues.
It is really well written but for me, seeing the show trumps reading about it. It is the choice of the actors and actresses that make “Orange is the new black” a hit. We would have enjoyed delivering gourmet cupcakes to the set. So, if by chance, they ever film in Tampa, we are around.
So anyway, I was in this morning baking with Mike and now we are going to split the day, so I had some time and instead of looking over my syllabus for next semester, I am playing again.