This weekend, I had time to make stuffed peppers. That made me happy…to be alone in the kitchen making a mess, adding a bit of this and a bit of that relaxed my mind and alleviated some accumulated stress. The house was to myself, and no one was judging me and I loved it. I didn’t have to make it look like all my other cupcakes, like in the store, but I could be creative. Consistency is something we have to watch for when baking for the store but creativity is so much fun when at home.
Mike and I baked together Saturday morning. We had a very busy morning and then I went to buy some things for the store and stopped by home in the early afternoon. I called Michael and he wasn’t busy and so I played hooky, and cleaned, did some laundry, etc. It was wonderful. I like the house to myself to get some things done. Then Mike became really busy at the store!! I missed meeting some wonderful new customers but I also enjoyed my time alone! And it gave me some extra time to make some stuffed peppers, so we can try to stay healthy during our busy week.