We had some visitors yesterday from Europe in town to visit Busch Gardens.  They came in for a cup of coffee and ate a cupcake.  They took some pictures of our store, us, and we spoke about their trip.  It was really nice.  These small moments make having a business so worthwhile when it feels like we fill a void.  They were waiting for their children to finish at Busch Gardens and the man, who spoke several languages, commented to us that he really enjoyed having a conversation with us.  It is harder he stated, with the distances in the United States, to become really friendly with people.  We enjoyed talking with them also.

They asked many questions about our store and stated they  hoped to see our brand all over.  They traveled frequently to Asia and the United States but they were based in Belgium.  They told they would post our store picture for their friends in Europe who visited Busch Gardens so that when in town, they would visit.  Thank you.

We need more customers like this! A couple of days ago, corporate people from Busch Gardens, based In Orlando visited us.  The man always buys a dozen or so to bring home to his wife and states we are the best cupcake place he knows.  We need more people like him to visit! Thank you.