Crumbs-I spent some time thinking about why some bakeries last and others perish, to put more succinctly, cupcakeries….My background is not business but I have common sense and I spend some time reading about other bakeries, cupcakeries, etc.  I look at small town places, and then alternately big cities like New York, Dubai, etc.   A couple of times, I read up about bakeries specializing in cupcakes in India, France, Morocco, etc. 

I relay some information to Michael and sometimes share with the customers.  It is like a research project for me and I enjoy it.  Kind of like being presented with a dessert tray full of cupcakes and told you can only have one.  You have to ferret through the information and find out what is worth noting and what to ignore.  In the end, you have some choices to make. 

Common sense tells me they lost charm by growing too quickly and out of control.  A cupcake chain on the stock market…hmmm….and so on. One can speculate but just as it is with each place, the niche they fill is unique and depends on the owners, the atmosphere, the area, etc.  I believe that some of the business practices Michael was determined to follow stand true:

growing to what you can afford

listening to your customers

caring about creating a quality product

always improving and thinking how you can continue to please your customer.

Learning toward common sense, I will add that it helps if you enjoy what you do, so if you don’t look forward to baking, decorating, servicing customers, and sometimes throwing out a batch if they don’t come out right…you need to find another niche.

Have fun with what you do but also realize it is a job and sometimes you will have good times and some days not so good.  Take it in stride like the people you meet along the way.  Things change quickly.