One of the nicest things we can claim about our product is “made in America.” Our ingredients are local, our customers (all over), my husband and I are local although we have travelled a lot! The farthest I have been is Israel and for Michael, Somalia.  Anyway, we claim, made in America.  Although I have discovered cupcakes travel well and exist in Stores, mom and pop’s in Bangladesh, Morocco, Abu Dhabi, etc.

I am Irish; my grandfather was head of the labor union organizer during the Great Depression in New York.  He helped control the wharf and all the construction crews.  He was made in America also but his family originally came from Ireland, France, and Sweden. 

He was a tough man.  I would like to think some of my grittiness and my ability to dig in comes from his mindset.  I would like to think that.  Both my husband and I are good workers but with these times, sometimes slow, we both need grit to dig our heels in.  Sometimes you know it is a long haul and you have busy days and then slow days.  In these times of instagram, facebook, instant gratification…sometimes all you need is a little persistence, follow up, and the ability to eat your cupcake slowly savoring each bite.