1.  Looking forward to the results of the application we submitted for WellsFargo Works for Small Business contest.  We have had 1200 views in about 15 days or less.  Still going on till the end of the month.  We keep our fingers crossed.

2.  Several weddings coming up to prepare for.

3.  A film maker would like to use Cupcake Cache to film a scene with a baker of cupcakes mid July.  This is a small independent film, so we won’t meet Travolta or Cage but still, interesting.

4.  July 4th!! and the states are still together.  Despite several states threatening to became their own country, they haven’t yet, that is.

5.  Interested to meet a local crime author, Vickie Chachere, speaking about her new book at the Temple Terrace Library.

6.  Taking a yoga class with Dale.

7.  Having the opportunity this summer to be at our store more(no classes), and get a chance to meet some of the interesting customers we have, the new ones and our regulars.

8.  Almost forgot, everything I ever learned about business in a small town in the Catskills does not apply to Tampa, so we learn new ropes.  Michael has a MBA but the things we learn daily, well he could definitely teach a class on small business.