Mike and I had a very strange experience which we are still trying to sort out.  We had a very charming young lady visit us…she presented the sticker to us and informed us that our customers had advised tripadvisor that we should be included, so we were delighted.  She was very enthusiastic and took several pictures of our store and us.  When she was getting ready to leave, I presented her with a cupcake of her choice and a cold bottle of water as it was a very hot day.  She told me this was her last week with Trip advisor as she was going to work in sales of computer products and was about to leave for 3 week training in Germany.  So we wished her well and she went on her way.

She didn’t leave a business card but she left a notice with tripadvisor logo and an email contact for us, so after not finding our store represented on tripadvisor, I emailed them a week ago and have not yet received any further information from them regarding our non posting.  Michael went online and tried to post about our business but then we were unable to access the account and it was never published. 

I hope we hear from them again! We follow tripadvisor and were delighted to be included in their directory.  And as for the young lady, I still wish her well but follow up with loose ends is what we are looking for now.  Thanks for listening.