Call me naive but I think we have a chance.  I have followed the rules and submitted our story along with a photograph to the Wells Fargo Work Project.  It took quite a few redrafts and collaboration before I send it in.  Michael thinks we don’t fit the formula they are looking for.  I think we have a great product, a unique niche in a tough market, and a fighting chance.  I know he thinks I am still playing by the rules of the 80s when I won a full scholarship (Yay)….fair and square.  Maybe the rules have changed but a girl has to believe that the world will still honor hard work, effort, and the special umph we give to our product.  Creativity in a challenging market is not an easy thing to achieve.

I would like to believe that by thinking and operating outside of the box, we have a chance to win or at least be considered for the prize or place for one of the lesser awards.  If there is a formula and we don’t fit, well, that sucks! And if that is the reality, well then for our portfolio, I have written a really good essay and it will come in handy some day.  Come to think about it there were some parameters for that award years ago:  income level, area of the country, and an above average student.  It describes more than one person.  Competition will be stiff, but it is good to try!