And as she continues till 5 p.m. with answer phone.  Local politico to ask if I could make phone calls, etc. since I am at home, now and do not work.  Make chore phone calls too late for some…will get lecture tonight on priorities.  Dinner in over, cakes out…vegetables peeled….salad put to drip, table set, animals fed…cut out coupons before out of order newspapers are burned…start fire in wood stove, again, turn on outside lights to welcome home the working members of the family, down drink of Gin, straight…never mind the tea…answer phone…B.O.C.E.S Will I sub tomorrow? Of course, Thank God it is good to work again.  Now what was it I decided had to be done this afternoon? 

And then in small letters( 5 hours per week.) in response to the number of hours a housewife works.    

And my husband wonders why it is so difficult for me to concentrate on one thing at a time.  I take after my mom and as I am doing one chore or item, I am thinking about the next.  Even the USN couldn’t drill that training out of me.