Are cupcakes a good business to begin? Well, I would have to say have your act together, be able to partner up with someone you can trust to be there, enjoy baking and merchandizing, and have a ready arsenal of information or people available to you who know lots about many business things and if you don’t have them, find them.  Making and selling cupcakes is having good timing, a sense of perspective, maybe even humor (if you can stand it before 6 a.m. ) and the ability to think about more than one thing at a time and make some quick decisions.  Things change quickly, so if you expect to have a routine, it may not be there.  You can be slow slow slow and then hit with an order for 3 dozen but you don’t have the supplies so that means shopping, lists, getting ready, etc. 

One may be delivering and the other is washing dishes, cleaning up.  So you wear many hats and that is the way it goes.  Making cupcakes can also be enjoyable but you do need to pay attention to timing.  When talking, it is easy to over bake cupcakes, brownies, etc or the cherry buttercream may end up on the seedless watermelon.  Anything may happen.  

I believe it is a great business for a family or a couple.  Put the kids to work washing dishes, learning customer service, and directing them to read recipes.  It improves many skills  As a couple, you either fly apart, or while learning to work together, you discover more than you thought possible about your partner’s work habits, etc.  And it may affirm the reason you married someone or you may be speechless with anger over different habits but in the end you learn to compromise and bake, bake, bake.  It is all in a day at the cupcake place.