We frequently take on more than we can handle but by doing so, we discover more.  The other day, a customer from a local paper, wanted minis as gifts to possible subscribers from apartment complexes.  She wanted mini cupcakes in groups of 6 (8 containers) with two different types of cupcakes.  It didn’t sound that difficult but we were given the assignment a day before.  We thought it would be easy to find 6 small mini containers nearby.  Ha….ha.  No such animal without ordering a large case of 50-100 and waiting 2 days for delivery and then paying more for a 2 day delivery from the NorthEast.  We drove to Cakes Plus, South Tampa.  I visited Gigi’s, Publix bakery, Walmart bakery and found out no one had the containers.  All the cupcakes places that I spoke to only sold the cupcakes (minis) in groups of twelve.  It was a frustrating day because we had other order to get out in the morning and didn’t get on the road till the afternoon which meant rush hour from school traffic.  Whew. 

Anyway, the morning that she came, which was the next day, Michael and I were cutting out styro foam and fitting it into beautiful boxes we had bought from Michael’s.  We overpaid for the boxes and the whole thing was a little stressful.  We did find a good place to order mini containers (groups of 6) and we will go ahead and do that.  It may be a good idea for people who want to give gits, people with a sweet tooth but on a diet, and so on.  The only other thing we could have suggested was biscotti and we could gift wrap that quite nicely and it wouldn’t melt in the car if the client had many places to visit.  So, they decided not to continue with cupcakes this time because of the heat and the delay in dropping off items but we really tried hard! And that is what a mom and pop store do.  Sometimes, we just need to learn our limits and that comes with time and experience. 

Kudos to a customer who came this past Tuesday.  I was in the middle of baking when I noticed him in his motorized wheel chair outside the door.  We didn’t open until 11:30 and he came at 9:30 to pick up some cupcakes for his niece.  He told me he was willing to wait until we were open! We opened our door to him earlier after setting up and he left happily with 6 cupcakes and two bus routes later, he would arrive at his niece’s with a sweet treat.  Now, that is dedication!