Who really can understand what they are or what they entail? It can be as simple as a visit to Mel’s Hot Dogs and then a visit to Cupcake Cache afterwards, as long as you are in this part of town or it can be something done every holiday with your family.  Who are we to state what or who family entails? I can recall being embraced by a French family while I lived in France.  Every day on the breakfast table along with my strong cup of coffee, and croissant, she a lay down a prayer in French for me.  She was Roman Catholic.  In Abu Dhabi, I was adopted by an American woman who had been married and was separated from an Emirati.  She and her daughter helped me adjust to the culture and lifestyle with warmth and grace.  

When I first moved to Tampa and had nowhere to live, a family offered their home for me to stay in until I found a place.  The mom and I were classmates at University of Tampa.  We were both older, non traditional students.  I returned for education certification but I never forgot her kindness.  You may have traditional family and all the serendipities that go along with the family ties.  Or your small family may be small but tight or your adopted friends along the way may become your family. 

In this time of change, embrace the different cultures and your past.  I feel like the summer has arrived.  Enjoy what it has to offer.