We were just inspected and the inspector is delighted with the cleanliness of Cupcake Cache!!We are very clean.  One of my husband’s military friends, Scott, helps us most days with washing dishes, cleaning the floor, etc.  He is essential and I believe he is a better cleaner here than I am.  But he can’t bake so….and on the days that I am at Saint Leo, Michael really needs him to be there!! 

So, that was good news.  We needed better lighting for the kitchen and that was fixed immediately by Michael.  He gets things done immediately.  One of the big reasons, I married him…and the fact that you can tell him almost anything and he won’t blanche.  He will consider, consider, and then move on.  For me, moving on is difficult. I carry memories like an elephant weighing me down.  Memory is a two edged sword.  I can remember details of things people tell me, memories, faces and names but when it comes to forgetting some things that need to be forgotten, I cling to them like a tissue to tears willing them to revisit.  I am trying very hard to rid myself of this obstacle and only keep in mind the good things my memory recalls and how it helps me to have a good memory with customers, in business, and with schools. 

So, one obstacle down and the summer is almost here.  Things will get better! In the meantime, we sell cupcakes and coffee.