Sometimes you feel the love by where people are willing to park for you.  Weekends, the plaza is packed yet our customers still manage to find parking space.  One comes by bicycle, another parked in in a no parking zone today to get a dozen baker’s choice cupcakes for her mother’s birthday.  I gave her 12 varieties of our cupcakes!! She was delighted…she just let me know red velvet was popular and she was happy with the wide variety of choices that I gave her.  She googled us and found us in the area.  

I feel popular when people see the limitations of the parking and are willing to make concessions for our destination.  Thank you.  Have a good weekend everyone! We will be here until 6.  We have last mango in Paris, caramel by the sea, butterscotch bonanza, date night, along with our standbys.  Come see.