The other night, my husband had me laughing.  I grew up in a very small town “Jeffersonville.”  It was in New York State and part of the Catskill Mountains.  He decided to do some research about it and upon doing this, he found out that Patty Hearst hid in Jeffersonville many years ago.  I was 12 years old at the time and we may even have waited upon her and her entourage but we never noticed.  A friend of my brothers mentioned seeing her one night in a bar and everyone laughed at him.  It turned that she did frequent the bar, the local diner for breakfast and oh, the things I read and re read.  

My hip has been in pain lately, and it was good to laugh.  Those days, we didn’t watch much tv and the the tv we did watch was pure fantasy and escapism like the “Sonny and Cher Show”, the “Avengers”.  We worked a lot.  We had a little ice cream store named after my mom, “Gertrudes”.  My father had another job and my brothers were finishing high school and getting ready to leave Jeffersonville.  We laughted a lot over this speculating that today with the internet and facebook, it would been impossible not to have identified Patty Hearst. 

It did renew my interest in the case so I think it will be good escapism for me to reread about the case and the house she referred to as “some place in the middle of nowhere.”  Let me go back and revisit.  I don’t know how everyone missed her but it makes for a good story.