So what I like to do is if I say that I am interested in something, then I have to follow through.  So today, two of my follow throughs came through…..I finished working with the girl scout tag-a-long cookie and the writer Jeffrey Wilson and his son will be signing books at our store today.  Two of my ideas that I followed through on.  

For me, it is very important to finish projects.  I have always been this way…slogging through teaching contracts, finishing long term sub positions while becoming professionally certified, getting my BA, MA, going overseas to Korea, the Middle East.  I need to finish things.  In a way, I am like that person on the Big Bang Theory….I have to finish.  

So today is a good day.  I can’t always control the silliness I hear around me, or someone trying to belittle something we have accomplished by charging high prices or presenting a funny contract but this I can control.  Just like the police helicopters overhead, one cannot change the way of the world or the perception of the world.  Just play along knowing your game and believe in yourself.