Eve normally blogs, but today I have an itch to scratch.

It is amazing how many sales pitches we see in a weeks time here at the shop. I mean really amazing. I would say on a typical week, we might see 25 to 30 people walk through our door trying to sell us an assortment of stuff: insurance, perfume, meat (and seafood), other baked goods, raffle tickets for churches, sponsorship’s for nearly every medical condition I am aware of, magazine sales space, athletic fund drives, and yes, diet plans….and these are the ones we actually remember, never mind the dribble we don’t store in our limited cranial capacity.

We are a mom and pop with limited budgeting. Yes, we DO contribute to some that we think are worthy, but most of the time we just have to say no. Yes, I know what you are thinking…just put a “No soliciting”sign on the door. Well, we have been told that salespeople are trained to not only IGNORE them, but to seek them out because it is an indication that the people inside cannot say “NO” and are an easy target.

We do not want to seem uncaring, but after awhile we become jaded, which may come across as heartless, but why would we possibly want to spend some of precious advertising budget on a “save the three toed horned frog in South America” campaign? Sigh.