Mike and I drove toward Manatee (Sarasota, Venice, and some of the smaller communities like Cortez, Englewood, etc.  We didn’t stop or see any cupcake places but we did visit some small mom and pop stores for lunch.  A day away gives us a new perspective on life and a brief respite before the cupcake rush.  One of our favorite spots was on the rainy Sunday we encountered.  We were in Bradenton and found a small, quaint little place where we sampled broccoli/cheese soup and a little Greek salad.  We visited some book stores, drove through some small towns, watched the Manatees and drove along the beautiful coast of Sarasota/Englewood.  A new direction gives us new drive and desire to take on the upcoming months.  

We really liked our visit in Venice with the quaint little stores, sales, and the shows going on.  It was a little challenging to find a hotel but we found one we could afford.  Hot water ran out and we survived without a shower the next day.  A small concession for a good time.  And I still have a week off for Spring Break.  See you at the store.