I can’t even presume to know who our readers are or any of their predilections.  What I know is that I need my time alone.  I have a busy schedule as an adjunct 3 days a week and helping with our store.  Michael is a good husband.  He tries to give me a weekday to get back my rhythm.  Do I spend all day on face book or tweet my day?  How about reading the aol news?….no…..not sure all the news is good lately.  Sometimes just having a moment to digest slowly a good book, eat a sandwich slowly, and take the dog for a walk in the park seems like a mini vacation. 

My time alone…in our home…is nice.  If you can’t feel comfortable in your home, I don’t know where you can be comfortable.  My year in the Middle East, I lived in a hotel apartment which was run by management from India.  They were pleasant and it was wonderful to arrive home to a clean room but I always had the feeling they perused my belongings.  For safety, I choose the apartment near the cleaners, which in retrospect, was not a good decision as they always seemed to have some kind of lunch party going on in a room no bigger than a mop closet. 

But the time alone is important to my mental health.  And I thank my husband that he makes sure that I get it.  I hope he is ok.  Soon the summer will be here and my spring session will end.  There will be more time for me to step in for buying supplies, baking, and just being there to split the shift with Michael.  Right now, at times, I exist between a perpetual worry of correcting papers, some housekeeping, taking care of the animals and worrying if I shouldn’t be there more to wait on customers.  Last night, I came home a zombie and met another zombie at our store, Michael.  I know that the only way we shall survive this year as a couple is taking care of the details, showing empathy, and searching deep within for a sense of comedy.  I know it is out there and I will find it! 

And then Michael calls me.  A major corporation has a big order for us for 90 gourmet to be delivered on site and all good plans of mice and men fall to the ground.