Placement of words.  Have you ever thought of how much value they can bring to daily life and conversation? Well, with naming cupcakes, as it turns out, semantics is important.  Names of our cupcakes intrigue our customers and often make them take the next step to buying one.  How many actresses and celebrities have benefited from the power of a name change? A few.  

So strange sometimes that words are also dividers.  For example:  in a second marriage, one has step children and one knows that they are not their children but one also feels pride in their accomplishments.  Ok.  So my dearest one, mentions to the customer, “My son.” Now, we have had this conversation before ….ah well, it is like ….some things are best left unsaid and like good wine, leave them on the counter to breathe.  Just breathe, I tell myself and the moment passes. 

Semantics.  You haven’t seen much of me lately because I have been busy with keeping up with grading papers, lesson plans, etc . for 4 writing classes which I am teaching.  So, another customer mentions they haven’t ever met me.  I told my husband I need them to remember me.  I am not Steve, I am Eve.  Semantics.  What’s in a word:  to be or not to be , that is the question.  Do we dare disturb the universe? Hmm…sometimes just baking cupcakes and decorating seems much more fun.  Then waxing and waning words.