Sometimes, when I am at Saint Leo or home, and not at our store, I communicate through face book.  I have become very adept at posting status updates in my hurry to connect with Michael.  I know that he will check face book throughout the day for orders including our ipage.  It is less intrusive than a phone.  So, the other day, after I finished my work at Saint Leo, I went to a hair appointment at JC Penny.  It was actually part of a birthday gift from my aunt, June and I intended to get the works.  The hairdresser, Regina, is one of our customers along with her family.  I was happy to give her the business and she was very surprised to see me because she had given me her card a year ago and hadn’t been in to our store in awhile.  So, I posted on face book (Cupcake Cache) that I was on my way to get my hair cut and tomorrow Michael would go to get his haircut while I took over the store.

So, anyway, I caught up with Regina’s life as she is returning to school for nursing.  She has a full plate with 4 children, a full time job, and school.  Yet, she mentioned to me about my schedule “You like to keep busy.”  Hmm.  As I listened to her talk about retyping papers at 3 a.m., I was reminded of Michael and I…when we went full time to graduate school (10 years ago), and held down two jobs.  No children but we were still busy, so I could identify with her.

And she was there spreading the word about Cupcake Cache and how when her children visit the marketplace on the weekends, they always comment, “Cupcake Cache is so much better.”  One of the other cupcake fanatics who mentioned her nickname was “Cupcake” told me she would be in to visit our store.  So, I left with a warm glow and a better looking head of hair.  Regina is very talented! I even had some time left over to look at the kitchen section and the shoes.  I ran out of money before the shoes and more shopping but I enjoyed going to JC Penny.  The location is good; the store is small but has a good selection.  I have a hard time finding clothes there though.  I have big shoulders so I am not quite in the Woman category but some of the regular size 12-14 is too small in the shoulders yet their selection is either dowdy or for teenagers but I liked the shoe selection.  It is just like my husband joking to his friend the other day, “If you were a scientologist, you would already have your outfit picked out for you.”  Wouldn’t that be nice and on that note, I will leave you because I have to write a lesson plan on writing, and catch up with the short story readings for the classes that I instruct.  Then off to the store so Mike can get his haircut.  Will talk later.