I have to laugh because today as I writing our menu choices on facebook, I typed in “bookies n cream” instead of “cookies n cream overlord”.  I laugh because I mentioned there were no bookies about.  You see, I will tell you a secret.  I grew up in a long line of gamblers and my nirvana may be one hour in the casino.  I am very disciplined and so there is a method to my madness but I also know my weakness so I stay with the penny slots or the nickel slots.  

My grandfather was a labor union organizer on the New York docks during the depression.  He owned a candy store and wore many hats.  He was also a bit of a gambler and he did very well at times.  I grew up with a brother and a father who liked to make tables of mathematical probabilities and statistics for sports teams, the stock market, etc.  One brother even thought out methods to card games.  So, I have a fascination with cards, probabilities, bets, and I like risking the odds but I know when to stop.  Some people don’t and those are the ones, I would like to write about.  In fact, I wrote a short story about a gambler named Sammy who was also a boxer, and very superstitious.  

I still love going to a casino and pulling the wheel on the machine or letting it spin.  I also love to read about people and businesses who succeed against the odds.  That is more with the matter of direction I take nowadays.  Although, I would love to return to the Depression times for a day and speak to my grandfather in his candy store or on the dock.  We might find out we had some things in common.  If you are celebrating your valentines day this weekend, cheers!