Dear Cupcake:

Happy Valentines day.  It is coming and I want you to know that you are my cupcake.  I really like your overall personna including the swirled chocolate buttercream with a chocolate kiss on top but what intrigues me even more is the filling in between.  You are not just fluff but you are stuffed with important things like honesty, integrity, and I trust you! Also, it doesn’t hurt that you are good enough to eat! 

So, on this coming Valentines day, I want you to know that trends come and come, years pass, styles change but your constant presence gives me strength to be myself in this uncupcake world at times.  The world is not full of sugar, sweetness, and aha moments.  In between, we have faced cupcake wars in our store, our home, our car but through it all…you remained my main cupcake. 


With love, 

Cupcake Cache 1 to Cupcake Cache 2