Last night, I was writing in my dream crafting a story for this blog and then this morning when I woke up, after doing my morning chores, reading the Saint Pete Times, taking the dog for a walk, checking emails…I forgot.  The only alternative is to keep a laptop in my room at the writing desk and write down the dream as it comes.  They say your dreams are the soul keepers to your inner resources and life.  It is healthy to keep in touch with this part of yourself. 

Our life is so busy and I am always trying to declutter it and keep it simple.  If we overload our brain, we stop functioning so I am not listening to the commercial going on in the background “it’s free.”  Nothing is free ..there is always a price to pay.  The next life, you must listen carefully to the details to figure out the whole picture.  The picture is never as simple as it looks.  Appearances are deceiving.  It is the quiet ones we need to be careful of and watch over.  I don’t mean myself.  I am not quiet but know my limits. 

So, those dreams will be kept for writing and in a corner till I figure out what to do with them and in the meantime, I can go for a walk with the dog.  And someone told me recently not to pay much attention to my intuition as feelings can sometimes be wrong.  I don’t quite believe that but I will listen carefully and pay attention to my feelings.  Either I will grow more comfortable with the changes and adapt to them in our life or I will choose to run away.  Running away is not an is a chicken with the head cut off.  I will choose what I can change and deal with the rest.  Maybe life is a card game and we choose what cards to show, lay down, and throw away as we need them.