Today we took some time to drive to Safety Harbor and visit Joey Biscotti in his small bakery on Main Street.  We picked up cherry pistachio, black and white, chocolate coconut, butter pecan, cranberry orange and chocolate hazlenut biscotti.  We also tried some delicious butter crumb cake and a piece of cheesecake/danish.  It was delicious.  It was my birthday last week so Michael and I waited to celebrate till today.  We made a day of it beginning with breakfast which was delicious…and long.  We usually eat breakfast standing up and on our way out of the door but today we settled in with the Tampa Bay Times and I ate crab cakes with eggs and hollandaise slowly.  Slowly, very slowly and I started to have a good day! 

Afterwards, we walked around Safety Harbour and dreamed of the possibility of Crispers arriving in the Sweet Bay Center of Temple Terrace.  That would be nice! Especially the happy hour from 3-5 p.m when shakes, flatbreads, and sodas are on sale half price.  We could do with that in our city.  It is not a walking city near Busch Boulevard but we had the chance to share some war stories of life in a small business with the co owner of Joey Biscotti.  His other half works in visual merchandising and let me tell you, the store reflects it.  The care with which the objects and the space in the bakery is arranged is very comforting.  We shared stories of no business for hours on end and then a rush of customers; some days only selling one item….but as Michael reminded him, “it is not the number of customers who come in but the quantity they buy.”  Very true.  Sometimes businesses (Managers) will come in the morning before noon and order 3 dozen or more cupcakes for their staff.  It  happens and then we start baking.  

We spoke of splitting shifts for when I have my lesson planning, and papers to grade…Michael spoke of his guilt if he can’t give me two days off in a row, so we switch on Saturday.  I may do half a day and he does half a day.  I hate to miss the customer’s reaction to our cupcakes.  Michael hates for me to work all the day and not have time to prepare for my teaching job.  It is a tug and pull and it sure felt great to share ideas and understand one another’s situation.  We do envy that he has such a wonderful area to walk in and can walk down the way to a little store with cheese and wine pairings, Crispers, the library and of course, the harbor.   We are sure he is glad he made the move from living in Seminole Heights to Safety Harbor.  One day, we will go back and visit the pier and go fishing.  For my birthday, I was very happy to spend the day with Michael eating breakfast out, a walk to the Harbor, and a try at a some lottery tickets.  And one can dream, perchance to win…but it sure felt great to get away for the day.