I titled this “Music and Maestro” although part of me wanted to say “Mayham.” My sense of dry humor.  I am listening to two big fans of music go through the recent list by Spin magazine of the top albums and artists.  Kind of like going through sports stats for me.  Although some of the names that were left out outrage them…I know them…and like them…Rolling Stones, Beatles, Harry Chapin.  Years ago, I interviewed him after a concert in New York as a free lance writer.  I even know one of the editorial staff at Spin Magazine…Barry Farber, radio personality and writer, his daughter, Celia or maybe it is Bibi works for them.  I was part of his work crew (literary publicist) admin. asst. , in New York City years ago.  How can I make this stuff up? All true.  

I find listening to the music angle much easier than listening about sports.  Sports stats come and go but the musicians I can relate to and even listen with a smile regarding their critique of “Spin Magazine” listing.  Who knows how the listings come about? One person gets her job through contacts…maybe listings happen because of advertising or am I being cynical? Not sure but something I can identify with finally in a household lately that speaks too much of sports.  I am becoming more sports literate than I care to be.