This cold blast of frigid air reminds me of my New York days.  How quickly I remember my early 20s walking home in a snowstorm, putting a pot of chicken(after buying it at a little corner store) , coming home with my whole chicken, cutting up carrots, onions, potatoes….following my mom’s tradition of cooking when the cold sets in.  Or when a cold sets in.  Followed the same in Korea except the chicken produced still was in a very raw form there with its head on.  Yeech. 

Not the same in Florida.  We use the Crockpot and I have boiled chicken and simmer healthy chicken soup on the stove but it is not the same.  It is warm here, tepid, never too cold but I feel the cold in the morning, especially during my early mornings at Saint Leo; I feel the cold chill from Lake Jovita and I yearn to bring out my gloves, hat, and scarf.  Usually, I forget my gloves in the morning and by the early afternoon, one needs less clothing, no clothes and maybe air conditioning.  The weather is very fickle here.  I know if I check the weather in the Middle East, it is always hot.  Weather never changing is a bit boring one discovers.

It is kind of like always sticking with the same clique or taking the same route home to and from work.  I read recently in a column that people stick to the same foods at the supermarket so once you have their taste; you are in because they have the same 24 items they always order.  Kind of interesting.  You may notice that you go the same aisle:  yogurt, lettuce, meats, pita bread…you like the same Arabic store for your humus, and a certain brand of hot dogs.  They are right…it does work out that way.  I guess that is why one of the first things you do upon settling into new territory is go grocery shopping.  Your mind believes it is a new experience but in reality change comes slowly.   I wish the opposite were also true of metabolism…why doesn’t it speed up as one ages. It seems the less one eats, the more weight stays the same.  A treat now and then , sweet that is, never hurts.