Well, it was one day in Abu Dhabi while visiting the beautiful malls glancing at the coffee shops which were built into the passageways of the malls…cases lined with cupcakes! Women and men, Emiratis, foreigners sitting sipping coffee, eating or sharing a cupcake and talking.  The art of conversation seemed to live on through the cupcake or so it seemed to me.  So when I returned to the states, I mentioned it to my husband, Michael.

His military training kicked in and he said, “You should make some samples, experiment.” And so, I did but after I while I tired of the endeavor and that is when  Michael began to get interested…about the same time that we were taking 2-3 dozen cupcakes to our community church. His first tour was as a baker, so he fell back on this, and joined me.  I came up with the Night Howl which is expresso and chocolate…I am a coffee lover! And he came up with his own diary cream versions.  Then, one day, I found the store front by accident and it seemed the landlord was there that day and he mentioned that the bakery there would be leaving and they needed another leaser, so we stepped in and the rest is history or rather our second year.

Ironically, I was offered a job that I like and Michael is now here more than me.  I still bake in the mornings on my days off and I love waiting on the customers and learning their needs but I am only here part time.  Mike left his job at TRowe Price and we took our combined savings from both of us and invested in this business.  Mike is the business persona and I am definitely shrewd with spending or rather not spending a penny but he has the business training.  I learned business from my parents who owned a small ice cream parlor in the Catskills.  So this March we celebrate our second year still in business.  The conversation continues with cupcakes offered.