Do you ever wonder how a day goes in a gourmet cupcake store? Well, it varies.  This morning, Mike and I arrived early, checked orders to prepare our list and began mixing ingredients.  Butter and cream cheese is taken out to soften up and the daily planning menu begins.  We have a couple of orders so they are factored in for our planning.  A run to the grocery store is on the agenda later on, pick up ice, the newspaper(what is going on in Tampa), and then the rush to make our opening at 10:00 am with almost all cupcakes made. Then new lists about missing or all out of items will be tacked to the refridgerator and at some point we will take count of cupcakes available for the day.  

Sometimes we make it and sometimes we don’t.  Then a salesman pops in to try to sell us his logo stickers and special wrapping for the surprise baskets we have planned.  In the middle of it, my husband decided he doesn’t like the manner of the salesman dodging his questions and trying to push a certain product so he tells him “‘goodbye.” A customer arrives for order pick up from USF and promises to tell more students about us.  She mentions the bull market.  A possibility.  Then a customer arrives from Verizon.  They are putting in some lines and he spots us while at Mel’s Hot Dogs.  He orders 6.  Some of the neighboring business people come in…hair dressers from next door for their coffee.  A woman comes in (saleswoman) from the income tax company and tries to interest us in her business, takes our cards, and leaves.  I take a photo of our newest cupcake edition….and put it on our facebook site.  

Then we have a surprise visit from the Tampa Police Department.  They are over at Mels when they spot us and 6 of them come over to stay, sit in and have cupcakes! We are pleasantly surprised.  It turns out that now we are out of peanut butter cup and wonka’s rapture, so they are taken down from the sign.  And so our day continues and it is only 2:15.  We are here until 7p.m.  In between, dishes are washed, boxes made, floors swept, emails about a visit from a local author and his son tenatively confirmed for a saturday afternoon in February.  And the beat goes on! That is how we roll!Last I looked or thought, I am trying to find information written on a slip of paper about a potential big customer to market our cupcakes to but I think I lost it.  Another day, I will try to find it and that is how the pieces of our cupcake store come together.