Well, we return tomorrow after a short break to take care of some family emergency.  Looking forward to being in the kitchen again.  Seems it is easier to stay out of trouble in a hot kitchen because baking and decorating don’t require any politicking and that can get messier than cleaning up a mess in the kitchen.  Feeding people is simple business but taking care of business is sometimes necessary especially when someone needs your help.  When a friend or family is in need, you reach out but sometimes life does get involved and messy.  The good part is that when you pause to breathe again, you are glad you took the plunge to get involved.  You always learn something new by sticking your neck out.  If, like the turkey or the turtle, you withdrew, other things pass you by.  

Sometimes just saying “yes” does the trick when someone needs your help.  So, I look forward to focusing on the moment and decorating those cupcakes.  We had lots of calls for orders and customers who missed us.  Thank you, folks.  We appreciate your loyalty and it is nice to be needed.  See you tomorrow.