Resolutions.  Resolving to do better when all along you should have been trying each day.  A celebrity mentioned that on a TV show last night.  Good for her for being so honest.  We all hope to have a better New Year.  Cupcake Cache was mentioned on a blogger’s site as one of the last places he wanted to visit if the world as he knew it would end.  We were mentioned along with his other choices.  That’s cool! I have resolved to spend less time on Facebook.  In a way, it is like high school again, and high school was not the best period of my life.  I had a few friends here and there but no cliques.  That is my style and it hasn’t changed.  You can’t relive the past and trying to return to your hometown doesn’t always work but it certainly is fun to catch up with old friends, colleagues who remember you from a time they were placed in your life.  The few days before the New Year, I had the chance to reacquaint myself with some home town friends and a few odd coincidences happened which makes one wonder if someone upstairs isn’t watching out for us.  It is probably my vibrant Irish French mother paving our way or so I would like to believe.  Or like Kim said, “she is probably keeping them busy.”

So resolutions, bring in the new, away with the old.  Sometimes despite our best efforts, things change and the more fluid we are, the better our ride will be.  I expect things will change this year for us and I see some difficulties initially but overall improvement.  Sometimes with change, one has to face fears, phobias and then move past but I think the changes coming our way will improve our world.  That’s all I am going to say today.

For all our fans, and our secret facebook watcher and blog readers, we wish the New Year will bring you what you want.  Cheers!