You know every Christmas holiday, I remember the small village of Jeffersonville, New York where I grew up.  We owned a small custard business named after my mother, “gertrude’s”.  My father actually presented it to my mom as a present for their anniversary on Halloween.  “I bought a business.” and we wondered was it trick or treat? My brothers were a few years older than me so I remember more about growing up with our business.  There is really very little comparison between owning a small business in Tampa and owning one in Jeffersonville.  Tampa is a city of over a quarter of a million…Jeffersonville had less than 5000 counted while I was growing up, at least according to the census.  I believe if I print the exact number, it might disappear.  I haven’t been back in a long long time.  My parents sold our home, business years ago while I was in France.  My doll collection with dolls from China, Japan, Haiti, etc. were sold along with all our books and our store.  My parents were ready to retire and what can a doll collection do.  It is much better to actually travel and see the countries in person.  

I have heard many rumors of what happened to our little village….after 9/11, many people settled in from New York City and began buying and redoing small businesses.  From others I heard that the town is dying.  Farms are disappearing and everyone is on welfare.  But from my high school classmates, some still in the area, they inherited businesses or they live in nearby towns.  They work for the colleges, schools, and they are making a living.  

Someone posted a picture recently of the town after a snowstorm.  It looked exactly the same.  To my grown up eyes, the town seemed even smaller but it is a good feeling searching amongst the names on facebook someone who knows your name.  I don’t mind being known.    I have nothing to hide only good memories, for the most part.  Cheers!