Running a business for me is a little like taking charge of a crochet needle at times.  It never leaves you.  It is impossible to drop stitch once you begin.  Even when I leave the business at night, I find myself thinking, “Hmm…should I bring a sample of our cupcakes to the radio station and if so, which station and which personality?” or “Hey, how about getting out to those schools more.  Is it possible to approach them with some information about our business?” or even upon going to other businesses, “Oh, check out their candy ….that would look good on our newest cupcake.”  The worst is facebook where I have the urge to see and compare what other small businesses are up to and are we out of the loop.

 It is like you have to control that crochet needle and where it hooks or else all the intricacies of the yarn are going to tangle and leave you frustrated.  My husband, Michael, is wonderful at shutting it all off…he can plunk on some trilogy series or play solitaire, shoot the breeze, listen to his music and tune out.  I am very good at tuning in but never quite learned to tune out.  I am like the fairy princess who feels the slightest pea when sleeping.  I have always been like that…highly attuned to my surroundings.  It does however enable me to find some good bargains.  I went to the close out sale at Big Lots and after buying some items for myself, I just happened to find gourmet orange slices, hazelnut chocolate, and then at the library, I found an old copy of never released scenes from The Wizard of Oz.  Happily, I discussed our business with the lady behind the counter selling me the original.

 And the beat goes on and on and on and on. …….the holidays continue. We see a few repeat customers.  I think some of them enjoy the little icing samples infused and one came back with a friend.  It is one way that Cupcake Cache will be remembered this season! We hope we are spreading good cheer. Hey, I just read a film crew is in Clearwater.  I bet Ashley Judd loved cupcakes, or at least minis! Now, how can we approach the crew? Hmm.  We might do better having an author come in for a signing at our store. Stay tuned for more.  I will not drop this stitch.