Edvard Munch was an expressionist artist focusing on abstract. What is abstract to you may be concrete to me. It is said that he suffered from agoraphobia. One Christmas, I asked for this dummy of his painting as a present. I , literally, ran into one while making my weekend rounds in security in a downtown Tampa Building. He was part of a call center environment. I think they tried to knock the inflatable down to see if he got back up. Hmm..sounds like life at times. Always someone trying to knock the inflatable down…but what is abstract to you may be concrete to me or vice versa. Anyway, during your busy holiday season stop by for old favorites. We have carrot cupcakes, cinnamon-cayenne, pineapple”(carmelized), and it will get you going again. All for under $5….including the coffee and some good conversation. We’ll let you mull over it until you get on up! Or rather pop back up. All in good fun.