According to our blog stats, there are a quite a few of you who read us from all over. On our facebook page, we have quite a few fans from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.   We would like you to know that Tampa Bay is a very big community and we are very willing to come to your facility to speak about our cupcakes and deliver them.  Remember that we work on orders, so your order of a couple of “dirty vanilla”, “Aztec Warrior”, “chocolate revisited” , etc. from one of our 54 different gourmet cupcakes sets our pace.  We bake for you and then set the rest in the refrigerator for the other customers that day.  It is like you have stock in us and we pay you dividends by rewarding you with the cupcakes you are interested in.  So, don’t feel awkward about ordering one of these, or one of that as long as it is ordered the day before and we have time to get special ingredients.  If you order a dozen, we do ask that you limit it to 4 types…4 x 3 = 12.  And often, we throw in one to give you a “baker’s dozen.”

    I would love to speak at a retirement community, after school program, Brownies meeting, etc. about our cupcakes and we are willing to put together parties to show you how to decorate.  We would require that we have at least 5 people and charge a nominal fee.  We have opened for business and local community groups visiting.  If there is a local book group, feel free to contact us and we are even willing to open on Monday, which is our off day.  The nice thing about cupcakes is that if you like a variety of flavors and types, and making more than one decision, you are going to have fun ordering from us.  We also have copies of our menu in our store for you to take home or you can go online for our website or on our facebook page, we have a menu. 

    Our next project for Christmas is going to be baskets of cupcakes.  Stay tuned for more information and pictures of our baskets. They are hand designed and a wonderful gift for your family, friends, and neighbors.  This blog is usually more of a personal blog and not so commercial, but I just wanted to present these thoughts to you.  We would like our business to stay around Tampa for awhile and you are a very big part of this! Thank you.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving and we will see you on Saturday.  We reopen at 10:00-and close at 6 p.m.  We even had one of my facebook friends who taught in Abu Dhabi, Jo come visit today with her children.  That was fun reliving the chaos and surprise of teaching overseas.  She is now a teacher in Valrico so we hope we will see more of her and her family.  That’s all folks.