Property and boundaries are something that I never paid much attention to until I left my small village in the Catskills.  We had 14 acres of evergreen pines, horses, cow and it was challenging for us to monitor and we didn’t need to worry except during hunting season.  Some of the “city folks” who came in shot a cow once by mistake and propped it on top of the car, or at least that was the story around town so we took care to wear lots of red to alert the hunters.  My father hunted but he never shot a deer.  Although he was a very tough man, I just don’t think he wanted to shot a deer.  He was not a hunter of animals.  I think he was very glad when the natives of our town finally accepted us and stopped thinking of us as the outsiders from the city.  I learned to enjoy walking, and my brothers, with great patience taught me how to shoot.  Years later in the Navy, it seemed when I picked up a gun, my instructor fled the room.  My aim was interesting and he was scared by it.  

     The reason that I write about property and boundaries is because recently after a walk, I looked out our window and saw a young man with red hair peering inside our window.  I didn’t have my glasses on and at first I thought it was a clown.  My worst nightmare of clowns coming for me…I must of screamed to the Holy Grail with fright and I didn’t stop! Later, I discovered it was one of the neighbor’s teenage son who I have never seen before.  Well, I probably scared him.  His dad told me that he lost a small ball and was peering inside our little window area and around our side fence. Hmm. I was telling a local police person the story.  I don’t think I over reacted.  Maybe imagining he was a clown, kind of weird but weird things have happened before in Florida. I could see myself writing a short story or reading one about the clown intruder.

     I have a horrible scream and I scream at snakes, dropping things, and sometimes strange noises.  Once in Abu Dhabi, my first month, in the hotel apartment, by mistake a cleaner tried to enter my room after midnight.  The chain was on the door but I heard him and I must have screamed to kingdom come.  He went running to the office in fright.  What can I say? The neighbor thought that I over reacted.  I just looked at him with steely eyes and stated, “That is what women do. If I see a strange face peering inside my window, you can bet your last dollar, you are going to hear from me.”  I probably didn’t make a great case for women, equality, and stability but just like the trainer running from the room, there are many ways to state your boundaries.  It is just like the Temple Terrace Library where whenever I go in to the quiet library, in the lobby, for the past couple of months, there are young women shouting and threatening someone on the phone.  What has happened to respect for people’s boundaries? Why don’t you just pick up a book and begin to read about other countries and boundaries? Gain some knowledge and perspective on life. Love that story about a state recently refusing federal monies for storm damage.  We can take care of ourself, we have the ability, and we will do so. Sometimes in life you have to know what to believe and what to question.  But if someone bothers me, the least they will hear from me is a scream as my boundaries are invaded.  The most interesting boundary that I ever visited, by the way, was the boarder between South and North Korea.  So so cold.  A glass of straight scotch helped after that tourist bus visit.  I don’t think I will be returning.