One of the things that I miss is making something from a recipe my mom left for me.  We don’t have much time so we make lots of crock pot meals, salads, pasta and ocaissonly we order out.  Recently, we were both so tired that we went to a Chinese takeout and just ordered something simple to go….it was like two appetizers.  There are no deli’s near us like in New York or overseas where you can buy a little of this, and a little of that.  This is how we both like to eat sometimes.

     Our bodies are tired as are our minds.  The best potato salad that I had recently was at a little convenience store in Saint Leo.  It filled me and allowed me a few minutes to rest on the picnic bench before I began my drive back to Tampa.  I would be just as happy left alone with hummus, pita bread, olives, and feta cheese.  So the food of the Middle East works easily for me but not so easily for Michael.  We can walk from our store to get pita bread which we both enjoy. 

     My mom kept a recipe file with some interesting recipes as I sit and reread the well worn cards with recipes for Coq Au Vin (chicken, bacon, pearl onions, dry red wine), winter cabbage soy, granola muffins, macaroni pie, gazpacho, tater cake (made with fresh hot mashed potatoes)leek soup, etc.  She had a huge repertoire.  She had more time as our store was open from spring to early fall.  Although she would probably argue about that as life in a big two story farm house, 2 barns, garage, 14 acres left little time but she managed to find time. 

     You can’t find or pull time out of a hat just like you only have so much time to search for ingredients, some which may be challenging to find, and take care of all that you have to do.  Time spend on the internet may replace some time searching for some useless information.  The best information we have is in the present and includes our daily life, books we read, and those we interact with.  If I could be so direct with children growing up today, I would say “read, read everything, and take chances.”  Don’t settle for the easy way but direct yourself to take the path less chosen although not easy, as you grow older, it will bring you more satisfaction.  It is better to try, try, try and fail some of the time than never to try at all and chose the familiar.  Take chances when you can.  With time, you realize it is more satisfying to have a repertoire of experiences to look back upon than just a single ingredient.